Bolt Solid Plate Fastener System

Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners

Bolt Solid Plate Fastener System

Strength of this fastener is derived from the compression of the plates, mounted above and below the belt, with high tensile strength bolts. this "compression" distributes the splice tension across the full width of each fastener plate. The holding ability is, thereby, increased by not solely relying upon the bolts to resist pull-out.

Additional strength and resistance to pull-out is obtained from the specially formed teeth on each plate. These teeth imbed deep into the belt carcass, but without damaging the carcass fibers.

A tight butt splice is achieved through the exaggerated bolt hole spacing in the templet which forces the belt ends together. And, the Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners permit natural conformance with troughing or transition idlers.

The 140, 190 and 2 ¼ size fasteners are specifically designed for today's thinner belting, allowing increased compression, greater reach-back and more fastener plates per belt width.

Bolt Solid Plate Fastener Selection Chart
Fastener #Belt PIW Rating (Up to)Thickness RangeRecommended Minimum Pulley Diameter (90 º Splice)
Operating Tension 75-100% of Belt RatingOperating Tension 50-75% of Belt RatingOperating Tension Under 50% of Belt Rating
11603/16 to 7/16"12"10"8"
1402253/16 to 7/16"14"12"10"
1903305/16 to 9/16"18"16"14"
1-1/23007/16 to 11/16"18"16"14"
24409/16 to 13/16"30"28"24"
2-1/46209/16 to 1-3/16"36"34"34"
2-1/24503/4 to 1"42"42"42"
356015/16" & Over48"48"48"
SP61501/4 to 1/2"14"12"10"

Fastener Metals


Bolt Solid Plate fasteners come in a variety of metals for many applications.


For most applications, the standard fastener material, carbon steel, is suitable. Available in all sizes.

Stainless Steel

Type 316 is non-rusting and provides extra resistance to abrasion, magnetic attraction and corrosion from acids and chemicals. Available in all sizes except No. 2 ½ and 3. Furnished as Stainless Top Plates with the balance steel or as all stainless, including bolts and nuts.


Spark-free material compared to steel and fully non-magnetic. Alloy of copper and silicon for use in grain elevators and other potentially explosive environments, or on belts with magnetic pulleys or separators. The word Everdur is a trademark of American Brass.


For superior resistance to wear and abrasion, Megalloy is available in sizes 140, 190, 1 ½, 2, 2 ¼ and SP6. Provides several times the service life of regular steel. Not recommended where corrosion is a problem. Megalloy is a trademark of Flexible Steel Lacing Company.


Where abrasion, rust or corrosive acids quickly deteriorate steel, this nickel/copper alloy is effective. It is available in sizes 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½ and 3 only, and furnished as Monel Top Plates, balance steel or all Monel, including bolts and nuts. The word Monel is a trademark of Huntington Alloys, Inc.


For severe abrasion resistance in corrosive environments such as coke and sinter operations, use Promal Top Plates. These are heat treated, malleable castings. Promal Top Plates (available in Nos. 140, 190 and 1 ½) furnished with steel bolts, nuts and bottom plates. The word Promal is a trademark of FMC Corporation.

Rubber-Covered Steel

To maintain a smooth surface when splice has been countersunk with the JV tool and router method, use Rubber-Covered Top Plates. They fill the space above the top plate with a 1/8" thick rubber cover for a continuous, smooth belt surface.

Fasteners Required for Various Belt Widths
Belt WidthsFastener #s 1, 140, 190Fastener #s 1 ½, 2, 2 ¼, SP6Fastener #s 2 ½, 3
90 º Splice45 º Splice90 º Splice45 º Splice90 º Splice45 º Splice

Ordering Information

"E" Box Fastener Sets

One "E" box contains 25 complete fastener sets. A set consists of a top plate, a bottom plate, two nuts, two bolts and an assembly clip. The steel and Megalloy fasteners are available in 100 set containers. To order these containers, substitute a "C" for the first "E" in the part numbers below.

"E" Box Ordering Numbers
MetalOrdering Numbers
Steel1E140E190E1 ½E2E2 ¼E2 ½E (10/Box)3E (10/Box)
Stainless Steel1ES140ES190ES1 ½ES2ES2 ¼ESSP6ES
Stainless Top Plates (Balance Steel)1EST140EST190EST1 ¼EST1 ½EST2EST
Monel1 ½EM2EM
Monel Top Plates (Balance Steel)1EMT1 ½EMT2EMT
Everdur1EE140EE190EE1 ½EE2EE2 ¼EE
Megalloy Top Plates (Balance Steel)140EMA190EMA1 ½EMA2EMA2 ¼EMASP6EMA
Megalloy Top & Bottom Plates (Steel Nuts & Bolts140EMAP190EMAP1 ½EMAP2EMAP
Promal Top Plates (Balance Steel)140EP1 ½EP2EP
Rubber Covered Top Plates (Balance Steel)190ERCT1 ½ERCT2ERCT2 ¼ERCT

Extra Bolts or Nuts

MetalExtra Bolts Ordering Numbers (100/ Box)
11401901 ½2 & RP22 ¼2 ½ & 3RP1 & SP6
Stainless Steel203922039620400204032040720411-20396
Extra Nuts Ordering Numbers (100/ Box)
Stainless Steel2038120382-20381

Bolt Solid Plate Installation Tools & Supplies

The only tools needed for installing Solid Plate fasteners are a templet and simple, portable hand tools. Impact wrench driven power tools are suggested since they can speed installation time by as much as 50%.


Templets insure precise hole placement for a tight splice. Templets install one size fastener only. Templets are not interchangeable among fastener sizes, but certain templet widths of a given size may be interchanged in an emergency.

90 º Templets
Belt WidthFor #1For #140For #190For #1 ½For #2For #2 ¼For #2 ½For #3For #SP6
18"1-18140-18190-181 ½-18-----
20"1-20140-20-1 ½-20-----
24"1-24140-24190-241 ½-242-24-2 ½-24-SP6-24
30"1-30140-30190-301 ½-302-30-2 ½-30--
36"1-36140-36190-361 ½-362-362 ¼-362 ½-36--
42"1-42140-42190-421 ½-422-422 ¼-422 ½-42--
48"1-48140-48190-481 ½-482-482 ¼-482 ½-483-48-
54"---1 ½-54-----
60"---1 ½-602-602 ¼-60-3-60-

Note: A 45186; splice requires a special templet. Please call for information.

Hand or Power Tools for Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners

In addition to a templet, the following hand or power tools are required for installation: a punch or a boring bit (the punch is preferred for general use and where the belt cover is over 3/16" thick); a wrench; and two bolt breakers.

A power impact wrench cuts application time by approximately 50%. It should be used with a "quick change chuck" which adapts the tools to the square drive stud on an air or electric impact wrench.

Hand & Power Tools for Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners
Fastener NumberBolt Hole DiameterPunchBoring BitWrenchBolt Breaker
Part #Part #Part #Part #
Hand Tool Ordering Numbers
1, 140, 190, SP61/4"P1PB1BS1S110
1 ½, 2, 2 ¼5/16"P2PB2BS2S112
2 ½, 33/8"P3PB3BS3S113
Power Tool Ordering Numbers
1, 140, 190, SP61/4"HP1HB1HW1Order as Above
1 ½, 2, 2 ¼5/16"HP2HB2HW2
2 ½ 33/8"HP3HB3HW3

Quick Change Chuck

To use power tools, a Quick Change Chuck is required. This adapts tools to the square drive stud on air or electric impact wrenches.

Quick Change Chuck for Bolt Hinged Fasteners
Drive SizePart #

AD Baldor Dodge Eaton Gates Koyo Martin Nord Rexnord Continental
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